Yesterday we went on a school field trip to the city of Mérida. It was founded in 25 BC and has a Roman influence so it is a lot different than the cities of Cordaba and Seville. While there we went to the Roman Theatre and watched a play, which I am pretty sure was … More Mérida

My experience

I can honestly say that there is not one part of me that regrets coming to Spain. I have made so many new friends and a whole new family that I will miss so much. And yes now I can speak another language!  I’m not claiming fluently quiet yet but I’ve worked so hard and … More My experience

Ted talk

Everyone has a fear of public speaking. It could be that your scared you will forget your speech, that you will pronounce something wrong, or that no one is going to like what you have to say. Well, on top of all these fears, I had to give a speech in a different language. My … More Ted talk

food, food, food

In Spain, one of the many differences is the food. Everything is always homemade, fresh, and natural. This sounds pretty healthy yes, however they use a lot of oils, sugars, and salt while cooking, but the food is amazing! For a normal breakfast, they normally have fresh orange juice, hot coco, or coffee, with toast. … More food, food, food

3 more weeks

It’s crazy to think that I only have 3 more weeks in Spain. I know it’s very corny to say but it honestly feels like yesterday I came to Spain. But, at the same time I can’t remember my life at home! I feel like I’ve always lived here, and my daily routine here is … More 3 more weeks

La Romeria

All throughout Extremadura, the towns have a party out in the country side. The party starts around 12 in the afternoon on Saturday and sometimes lasts the whole weekend, with people not leaving until 3 am Monday morning! It starts with a walk from the town to the country side that lasts for about 4 … More La Romeria


In most of the towns all throughout Spain there is a fair that lasts anywhere fro 2 to 7 days. At the fair there’s small little attractions, rides, and games that we think of when we think of the fair. But, here is Spain, there’s also tents set up with music and everyone dances flamenco! … More Feria


Here in Spain in an expecially in the south, jamón (ham) is really important. However the ham here is completely different! Here feed their pigs normal grain and such but they also have some pigs that they only feed acorns too. They have the normal ham that you think of, and pork also, but then … More Jamón

El Campo

During break, everyone in Spain goes to the country side for 2 or 3 days with friends or family. And by everyone, I literally mean everyone! Babies, kids, teenagers, parents, and even grandparents! In my family, we all separated and went to different houses for 3 days. The parents go with all of their friends except … More El Campo

Semana Santa

Happy Easter to everyone in America! Here in Spain they celebrate Easter in a different way that we do. For example, the Spanish find excuses to have parties, so instead of only being one day, Semana Santa (Easter) lasts a whole week! My family and I returned to Rota for five days, and experience all … More Semana Santa